Diesel Engine ECU Remapping

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Remapping a diesel engine gets you a more power, more economy it sounds too good to be true.

Many people often talk about their latest mods and power figures. Many of them go ahead and remapped their vehicle’s diesel engines and boast of more power, better economy and unchanged reliability.

Diesels have actually come so far in an actual short time. Back in the 1980’s they were related with being noisy, smelly and smoky. Now the Turbo diesel engine is a advanced beast and offers massive amounts of torque. We are seeing our associates swayed away from petrol due to the huge amounts of torque on offer from a well-tuned diesel engine. As engine technology has better-quality, the diesel revolution has begun. As soon as manufacturers started adding turbos to their engines we started to see huge power figures.
To further rub salt into the Petrol owners wounds the legendary diesel fuel economy has remained or in many cases improves after a remap. More BHP, oodles of Torque and better MPG. It almost seems to be too good to be true. The average power gains from a remap on a diesel engine are in the order of 30% more power. The costs vary from provider to provider.

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