Each car that leaves the production line of a factory is actually unique. Some will actually achieve up to 10bhp less or more than the standard specification shown on the model. Depending on how well the components are manufactured and put together, it can make the slightest difference. So rather than a manufacturer put every car through a unique assessment and get a bespoke timing map, they adopt a standard one map fits-all philosophy.

Increase in Brake Horse-power
The manufacturer may restrict an engines power output to ensure that the vehicle fits into a class to suit fleet buyers. As a driving enthusiast, you do not need or want such restrictions placed upon your vehicles ECU. Having an ECU remap will enhance its performance, therefore you can benefit from the hidden power locked away within your engine.

Increase in Fuel Economy
Feel like your topping up a bit often too recently? Petrol prices fluctuating all the time and causing you stress? It may be the case that your car might not be as efficient as first thought. ECU remapping can help you save some and keep that wallet or purse from appearing so much at the petrol station. A custom ECU remap suited to your type of driving could better your miles per gallon.

Increase in Torque
Due to better combustion set up within the ECU, the remap will communicate with the car to produce more torque. A performance remap is even more useful when applied to a turbocharged engine. This is because the total produced by the boost of the turbo also is controlled by the ECU. By adjusting the boost within the car, a remap can give a turbocharged car a very powerful kick.

So there you go: a brief explanation of benefits of remapping. Many people feel it is a worthwhile procedure. Let us help you understand it a little better now with our revolutionary OBD tuner Quantum Remapper.

The Remapper is extremely user friendly. It is designed in a way that requires minimal tuning knowledge, and uses a very modern touch screen interface. Remapper is the ideal tool to reprogram ECU of vehicles. Reading and writing have never been so fast: you can upload a different map at any time, using one of the remap files that we supply to you. The tool can hold multiple files for one car along with the original file, so that a vehicle can be returned to its standard settings easily.