Please read this questions and we will give the solution

  1. Would you like a tool that you can use at your own leisure to switch between different maps?
  2. Would you enjoy being able to fault code scan your own car and clear warning lights without having to visit a garage?

If the answer is ‘YES’ to all 3 of the above then the Remapper could be the tool for you!

This personal OBD programmer is an innovative and versatile solution to be able to remap your own vehicle when it suits you.

The Remapper is extremely user friendly. It is designed in a way that requires minimal tuning knowledge, and uses a very modern touch screen interface.

Remapper is the ideal tool to reprogram ECU of vehicles. Reading and writing have never been so fast: you can upload a different map at any time, using one of the remap files that we supply to you. The tool can hold multiple files for one car along with the original file, so that a vehicle can be returned to its standard settings easily.